My Story

I got started in the commercial real estate business in May of 2007. About seven months later, the housing bubble burst and thus began the long, hard road of what is now known as “The Great Recession.”

Since my timely entrance into the world of CRE, I have been blessed enough to complete over 75 transactions, totaling over 350,000 square feet. Thankfully, my wife stayed married to me through the economic downturn and we even managed to have two happy, healthy boys together. Praise God.

Before my career in CRE, my dreams were focused on fame and success in the film industry of Los Angeles, CA. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of me…I was kind of a big deal. When Hollywood failed to recognize my star potential, I moved to Italy with my then-girlfriend-now-wife, Liz. We lived in Parma (home of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma ham…mmmm) and we taught English to the employees of the Barilla headquarters (you’ve likely bought their pasta from the grocery store) during the week and spent every dime we made travelling on the weekend. Yes, it was amazing. We got engaged in Positano (Amalfi Coast) and soon moved back to California, where I taught American and British Literature to high school students at a small Catholic school in Santa Clara, CA. I did my very best to impress upon these teenagers that Shakespeare was, and still is, the man.

I am proud to be an Atlanta native, a graduate of The Westminster Schools and the University of Georgia (Journalism major…finally coming in handy). One of these days, the Dawgs will win another national championship in football. Hope I’m around to see it…

I represent office and industrial tenants in Atlanta (and elsewhere), advising them on the best real estate strategies for their company, renewal/restructure or relocation. One of my favorite things about being a commercial real estate broker is meeting and helping people, and I hope I am given an opportunity to meet (and possibly help) you one day. Thanks for reading my blog; I hope you find it worthwhile. Please feel free to reach out about anything – office space, movies, Italy, food, wine, Shakespeare, life, whatever.

Proverbs 3:5-6


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