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You’re My Boy Blue!

By Wes Vaughan

Monster Trucks

Look at his face…sheer and utter joy. Bag of cotton candy. Being up past his bed time. Grave Digger. Monster Truck Jam 2013. Times like this with my boys are what I cherish. I like to think that a healthy portion of his excitement seen in this picture is simply because he is on a special trip with his Dad. A boy looks up to his Dad for guidance, direction, a model to live by. I pray continually for guidance on how to do a worthy job of this because I know I only have a limited time to make a good impression.

Here is what I try to achieve every day with my two boys:

1. Show them that I love my wife. I want them to see that their Mom is my top priority. I believe that seeing that will not only give them a sense of security now and in the future, but will also convey to them how important their wives need to be when they are older, married and with children. “If Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” (Short side note: Every time my boys see my wife and I hugging, they come to wherever we are hugging and giddily sit themselves in betweeen usthey LOVE it.)

2. “I love you.” Can’t tell them enough.

3. “I’m proud of you.” Every man yearns to hear this, from the first day of his life ’til the last day, especially from his Dad. We want to know we’ve done good and I try to tell (or show) my boys this as much as possible when I see them succeeding in their lives – giving, sharing, being kind, achieving a goal, whatever. Their faces light up when they hear this…it’s awesome.

4. “You’re good at ________.” Drawing, coloring, organizing, building Legos, hitting a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, climbing a tree, running, whatever. If they excel in something, I tell them because I want them to have a strong sense of confidence in themselves when they face the world. 

5. Pray. Whether it’s saying a blessing at dinner time or saying our prayers at bedtime, I want my boys to know that the world is bigger than them…and they need help getting through it. Be thankful and trust that God has your back.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6



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Slow down. Stop. Listen.

By Wes Vaughan


“The president’s favorite chair is in the exact center of the room. He sits down and opens the Bible, not because it is Good Friday but because starting the day with Scripture is a lifelong custom. Glasses balanced on the end of his prominent nose, he reads a verse, then another, before setting the Good Book on a side table. He leans back in the chair to meditate, enjoying the only quiet and solitary moments he will know this day.”         –Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard

There is good reason why Abraham Lincoln is so revered today and deservedly so. During his second term, and towards the end of his life, our great former President had the following to think about every waking moment towards the end of his life: ending a Civil War, the abolishment of slavery when such a suggestion was thought to be absurd, putting a country back together if the war ever ended, the constant threat of being assassinated, losing a son too early in life and having to come home to a crazy wife every day (allegedly). Certainly puts my “troubles” in perspective. And yet before he set out to face all the noise of his typical day as President, he started each and every day the same way – reading the Bible.

As I discussed in my last blog post, earlier this month I was introduced to a new idea: W.I.N. – What’s Important Now? And as I mentioned, the most important element in my life is My Faith. I believe that everything, good and bad, that has happened, is happening, and will happen in my life is for a reason and God is in control of those reasons. That’s His job and I humbly thank Him for it. My job is to seek His wisdom and guidance, give thanks for my many blessings, serve others and put my utmost trust in Him. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, I’m working on it too.

So in this fantastic year of 2013, I plan to take a page out of Mr. Lincoln’s book: read the Bible every day and have a moment of prayer. Just me and God time. So far, so good after one month! Reading the Bible and praying gives me a sense of balance and perspective throughout the rest of my day, and for life in general. It provides an abundance of wisdom that I am contantly praying for the ability to remember and put into better practice when needed in my daily life. Most importantly, it gives me a sense of peace that I am never alone and Someone always loves me, cares for me and is watching out for my best interests. And therefore, it makes me want to share the same love for others, starting with my wife and kids.

Until next week…God bless.

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